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Formerly a niche turn-based game, XCOM shot to mainstream popularity in 2012 when Firaxis Games rebooted the franchise with new ideas, better gameplay, and equally punitive yet less frustrating gameplay. Dealing with the fight of humanity against the overwhelming threat of technologically advanced alien invaders, the XCOM franchise presents a unique blend of logistics, tactical combat, and strategic base building that has so far gone unmatched in the world of videogames.

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XCOM 2 expands all the mechanics from XCOM: Enemy Unknown at the same time it dials back the clock and changes the original timeline. Taking place in an universe where the player was unable to stop the alien invasion in the first game, XCOM 2 events transpire 20 years into the future as the Alien forces have colonised Earth and act as peaceful overlords. The XCOM forces, transformed from an elite military outfit to a resistance group, go underground in an effort to thwart the alien threat and fight back in any way they can.

Elementary, the basics of running a resistance guerrilla force differ greatly from the trials of an elite military unit, and XCOM 2’s gameplay reflects that. Less funding, more mobility, and a significant focus on striking first and striking hard change the overall tactics that worked on the first game, creating a completely new experience that is greatly expanded and better in many regards.

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