Codex: Dawn of War III

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Dawn of War III is the latest instalment of the eponymous franchise, and it takes the squad-based combat of DoWII to DoWI heights. The game reduces the unit roster while expanding the numbers, presenting much larger forces on screen for a more action filled experience.

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With a campaign that focuses on all three factions simultaneously, the story alternates between missions of each army - Space Marine, Orks, and Eldar - as they converge upon the planet of Acheron to secure a catastrophic weapon known as the Spear of Khaine. While the presentation is a departure from past entries in the franchise, the singleplayer plot will be familiar to veterans of previous games.

Dawn of War III is basically a mix of the first two instalments, with a heavy dose of Company of Heroes 2 DNA infused into its soul. Returning characters, such as the Ork Warlord Gorgutz from DoW expansions and Eldar Farseer Macha from Dawn of War join series’ mainstay Gabriel Angelos from the Blood Ravens, and each of them lead their respective armies in the fight for supremacy on Acheron. More than just plot devices, each character acts as an extremely powerful hero unit that can be deployed to completely alter the course of battle.

In addition to the three faction leaders, special super hero characters can be called to action in an effort to turn the table on your opponents. These gigantic units tower above the standard forces on the field, and are single-handedly capable of taking out entire armies. The game’s focus on both regular and hero units represents a mix of Dawn of War and Dawn of War II’s gameplay, and it is a worthy successor of the franchise’s ideas.

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