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Letter from the Editor – March 17th, 2017

Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:03 pm

Hello again!

Felt like good time to do another update to you guys since you may/may not have noticed quite a few changes & breakages happening around the websites of late. While we gear up for the launch of Strategy Gamer, we've also been making improvements, changes & fixes to Wargamer and Pocket Tactics as well.

Here's a round-up of the important things:


PT has a great feature that index's reviews by year onto separate pages. We're going to be applying that to Wargamer. It will be a while before Strategy Gamer gets enough reviews to warrant these as well, but we'll probably add it there too.

Wargamer reviews go back to 2003, so we've only given separate pages to years going back to 2013. Five years seems a reasonable amount of past reviews to be able to consult, and I'll probably make this the cut off for PT as well. Want to look at something beyond that?...

… if you click on the 'Review' top menu item (instead of a drop-down item), it takes you to a master index which has every review published on the site, sorted into year groupings + alphabetical order. So all of the 2017 reviews will be together, and then grouped via alphabet, and then 2016 and so on. All websites have this feature.

It’s not a perfect right now – there’s no way to filter that list, but that’s something we want to look into when we do the next wave of improvements.


Genres have been added as a definable element to reviews. We will create a set of genre tags and then every game gets one, which will reflect what we think is its primary genre. We felt this might be better for people when they browse the index, but I also had it done to assist with GOTY voting.

If you remember some reader's voiced concern over people voting for games across different categories/genres because there wasn't a fixed value for this. I'm hoping this will help.

It's worth nothing that we recognise that games can fit into multiple genres – our definitions (which will be a mixture of our opinion + any official guidelines available) are meant to reflect what the game's PRIMARY genre is. This primary genre is what will then be used for voting when we get to GOTY time.


The 'News' section has been renamed 'Articles'. I felt this was a better reflection of the type and frequency of the content that went into that section, which is essentially everything that isn't a Review at the moment.

I do want to return to a traditional “As it Happens” news cycle when we’re able to, but the digests at the moment seem to be doing quite well as they are, so at least that’s panned out.


Pocket Tactics now has as new section called ‘Guides’. Nick’s been doing quite a few of these recently and we did some last year as well. Guides do really well performance wise and I wanted to avoid them being so easily buried in the News/Articles section, so they get their own section now. At the moment we’re only doing buying-guides based around events, themes or genres, but any gameplay guides etc… will probably go in there as well.


We have a Discord Sever! Yay!

You'll see we've implemented a widget to the side column of all websites. You’re invited to join the server at your leisure. At the moment the widget will add you to a channel called #welcome, which has chat disabled but will contain important messages from myself or other admins.

The server itself is called ‘SGamer’ – I was hesitant to pick a name that favoured just the one website, but our company name is ‘Wargamer Ltd.’ so there wasn’t anything to fall back on there. Furthermore, the Discord server is part of the Strategy Gamer ‘plan’, as it were, so was the most logical candidate to provide the name.

I’ve created channels for all three websites though - #ptcabal, #fortwargamer & #sglounge, so feel free to join which ever one you want. I want everyone across all sites to feel they can come hang out there. The community activity around here has decreased dramatically, and I’m hoping this will be a step towards helping rebuild that.

HELP NEEDED - Phone users

I keep getting sporadic reports of take-over ads that appear on mobile devices, potentially just iPhone devices, where a full page ad appears when you try to access the site. It completely blocks people from accessing the website underneath and I'm told there's no way to close it.

If this has happened to you, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I want to find this thing and get rid of it, but I can't do it unless you report it. Further more, I need the following information:

* Your IP Address at time of incident
* WiFi or Mobile Data at the time of the incident
* Service Provider

Hopefully we can track this thing down, because I don't want mobile users to feel like they can't use the site.


There’s probably a few other things I’ve forgotten about, but the majority of changes were behind-the-scenes or quality of life stuff for us & finishing off Strategy Gamer.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them my way :)

Thanks for reading.
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