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Letter from the Editor - Anniversary Special

Tue Jul 04, 2017 1:50 pm

Hey guys,

How time flies! I took up post as Editor-in-Chief of Wargamer Ltd. on July 4th 2016, so exactly one year ago today.

I'd just like to start this letter by personally thanking each and every one of you who's stuck with the websites, who've continued to engage with us and support us over the past 12 months. I'd also like to offer an official welcome to anyone who's newly discovered the site since last year. So far, I've had a great time, and I hope you all have too.

Reflecting back on the past year, it saddens me that some of the older readers have left us, but I must respect the fact that they feel this place is no longer their home and/or no longer serves their interests. If they do decide to return they will be welcomed with open arms, but in the meantime we will forge ahead and make this a home for a new generation of readers.

So, what have we been up to?

Strategy Gamer

I haven't actually posted since Strategy Gamer came online at the beginning of April. We've been working really hard to give it the best start possible, while also making sure the other two sites don't suffer too much either.

So far, things are looking OK. Our first month was quite impressive, considering we started completely from scratch with not a lot of pre-marketing. Growth has been slow since then, but we HAVE been growing, which is great.

The challenge for us is to try and be relevant in the strategy market without treading on ground that's already been well traversed. So far, we're trying to focus on Early Access content, and we're even taking a page from Pocket Tactic's book by running a twice-monthly articles series sifting through Steam strategy games to highlight the ones that are worth our audience's time.

We're also going to start talking about older strategy games more, as that was a popular request from early readers.

If you guys have any further suggestions you want to send our way, we're all ears!

Commander Cello

I never actually formally introduced him to you guys, but Marcello is a new face around here who helps me out on a part-time basis. He acts as a Deputy Editor of sorts, but he mainly helps out on Strategy Gamer in terms of content, while also assisting me in running the other websites as well.

If you haven't already, make sure you say hello!

Opinion & Feedback Polls

You may have noticed we ran a poll on Strategy Gamer after one month so we could collect some early data and calibrate our efforts.

I'm pleased to announce that, to mark my first year in this job, I will be opening polls on Wargamer and Pocket Tactics as well. These will probably run next week and will replace the usual content post for the day.

Some questions will be locked choices, but we'll also offer some open forms as well – feel free to be as critical as you'd like. I'm not infallible, I can always be doing better – this is your chance to tell me how. If we get some interesting data we'll share it with you in a future post on the respective websites.

General Plans
  1. We've started a volunteer program. This will continue on a small scale, and will be open anyone who wants to try their hand at writing. We're happy to accept submissions for all three websites, not just Strategy Gamer. We'll be adding a official blurb about this to the About Us section soon.
  2. Nothing major on the advertising front. You will start to see more targeted 'general' ads whenever our partner isn't running a big campaign. On Strategy Gamer these kinds of ads will also be appearing in the skin – let us know what you think about this. I'm on the fence myself.
  3. There will be more cross-posting between websites where it makes sense. There are overlaps between websites, such as Wargamer and Strategy Gamer in terms of content and audience but for the moment this is something we want to trial. Again, let us know what you think.
Thanks again for making this a great year, and I'm especially grateful that you've all given me a chance to continue to serve in a job that I love. Bring on Year Two!
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