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Adapt or Perish

Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:30 pm

Adapt or Perish is an endlessly open RTS sandbox/survival game featuring custom unit and faction design. A unique experience, I really haven't played anything else like it. It is also playable in VR.

Looking for more people to compete with on the leaderboards, or just share strategies and unit ideas with, this game has me hooked. I have been loving it way more then expected.

-It is single player with multiple leaderboard objectives to chase if you want.
-Design and share your own custom units and factions to play with or against.
-Endless procedural map and difficulty that adapts to your play style and skill.
-In terms of pace and scale it is similar to Supreme Commander, macro first, micro second.
-You can pause and issue orders smoothly, change game speed on the fly.
-Challenging and rewarding on the levels you choose.
-Extremely bug free(tm) and nicely optimized, plays nicely on a wide range of hardware.
-Full VR support.

Know that it is a 1 person development team, so expect an Indie experience (great communication, prompt bug fixes and updates, but a few areas you wish had more polish).

I think it is a fantastic little gem for people who like single player RTS, experimentation, or designing stuff, a strategists playground. Not sure on its mass appeal. It can be a bit tough to get started with, but for me has been completely worth that initial step. The graphics grow on you, especially once you start getting into customization and noticing all the little touches that identify unit stats and different abilities. Heck, it is the first game on steam that has prompted me to write a few guides to help others get started.

Link: ... or_Perish/
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