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Is there anything close to Wargame Red Dragon

Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:18 am

Hey fellow Wargamer's

I'm a fan of Wargames! and this is a great site, I recently downloaded Command Modern Operations + Tac-View its great anyway..

As much as I like these types of games I must say my most beloved Wargame is the appropriately named Wargame Red Dragon. I know Eugen Systems recently released Steel Division 2 but its nothing like the tactical mechanical genius you get in Wargame Red Dragon engine.

Nothing more satisfying than dropping a recon infantry unit from a chopper well behind enemy lines to then use your precision artillery to kill spied upon units. As a battalion level simulator I cant find any game out there that comes close.

Also the multiplayer aspect of this game is second to none in any strategy game I have found so far.

So wanted to ask Wargame fans has anyone found anything similar to Wargame Red Dragon ?

The game came out in 2014 and right now feels like nothing has been able to top it since for a real time strategy game with modern units on a big scale


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