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Wasteland 2 provides an interesting take on the older Fallout games, with a dash of XCOM thrown into the mixture. The variety of classes provides an impressive choice for the designated situation.

The recent Battle Brothers also provides a nice tactical environment with a multitude of individual characteristics.

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Mount and Blade was excellent as a game with group combat, considering that they would follow basic orders, and had troops that were (generally) smart enough to follow them. I think an RPG with group combat should focus on AI that is smart enough to be able to fight on its own and take initiative if the player allows it.

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I think that Dark Souls series are interesting example of RPG with strong strategic and tactic influences. It's not the same "strategic" as in RTS games, but, with no doubt, playing in Dark Souls requires very tactical approach from the Player. Every fight in this game, even with easiest opponent, requires accurate planning and foresee the opponent movements. Dark Souls mechanics force players to tactical approach not only in fights, but also in exploring the Lore - risk and go further or go back to save bonfire and starts this hard section once again? So, for me, it's not very obvious to call Dark Souls a strategic game, but for sure this title demands strategic mind.

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