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Review: Japan ‘45

Mon May 27, 2019 3:22 pm

Wargame Design Studio’s quiet release of Panzer Campaigns Japan ‘45 two weeks ago caught me by surprise.

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Re: <t>Review: Japan ‘45</t>

Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:14 pm

This is a game I intend to pick up. Never thought I'd ever say this, but even with all the time in the world there are just too many good games for Tom to reasonably play w/o cutting into sleep. I jump back and forth between games, usually playing 1 o2 2 titles until something else shiny captures my eye. At the moment it's the Panzer Battles titles and Civ 6 (gathering storm expansion). Civ is in a special class of addicitions; I've been playing it more or less constantly since 2001/2.

At the moment I am trying to figure out a way to print out some of the Panzer Campaign/Battles maps on a very large scale (4x5 ft) so I can cover them w/thin plexiglass and have them as wall mountings. Beats crappy wallpaper anyday and it will give a real estate agent something to puzzle over if I ever sell my house :)

A question about landings in the Japan PzC game - are they as filled with nerve wracking, valium gulping tension as Pz Battles - Normandy?


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Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:50 pm

Hey Tom, I know what you mean about being spoiled for choice. It's a good time to be a PC wargamer. I've never played Normandy, but I did find the landings in Japan '45 to be incredibly tense. The increased casualties on beach hexes makes it hurt, especially knowing more reinforcements are following at the end of each of the early turns. You know you'll take them eventually, you have too much local superiority, but the pain is in how much damage you've got to take to do it, and if your men will be fit enough to keep the push up into the second and third days. Very tense in my experience.


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