Panzer Corps 2 Review

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Panzer Corps 2 Review

Released 19 Mar 2020

Developer: Slitherine
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
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Panzer Corps 2 is a turn-based strategy WW2 game that lets you control armies of units in various historically authentic scenarios between 1939 - 1944. It is a successor to the classic Panzer General series of strategy war games, and features a similar abstracted style where individual units can represent thousands of men and/or vehicles.

This game was created on a brand new engine, featuring improved 3D graphics and almost as much content as the original game, including all of the expansions it received. There are over 1000 unique units to control, from every major participant in World War 2. The mechanics in terms of what you can do with your units have also been vastly improved, allowing you to break down units into smaller parts, encircle your enemies for a killing blow, and even capture their equipment to use yourself.

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The single-player campaign focuses on the German army, and let’s you play through scenarios of varying size starting with the invasion of Poland in 1939, right the way through to the end, including fictional scenarios that deal with an invasion of the US mainland. The campaign is branching, adding in a lot of replayability and differing outcomes from individual missions.

Along with single-player campaigns, you can also engage in skirmish matches against the AI, as well as co-op and PvP multiplayer. This can be done via hot-seat, via Slitherine’s own PBEM++ service, or even true simultaneous multiplayer like with other games. There is also an extensive Scenario Editor that will allow users to create their own missions and campaigns.

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A great strength of Panzer Corps 2 is the tutorial. If you’ve never played a Panzer Corps-style game before, there is a robust multi-mission beginner campaign that will teach all of the basic concepts, as well as in-depth tutorial videos for certain specific mechanics. There are also a variety of one-turn tactical puzzles that will let you practice specific concepts using the most efficient moves.

You can read more about what we thought about the game on our sister website, Wargamer, where they posted a full review. Here’s an excerpt:

If you liked Panzer General and the original Panzer Corps, then PC2 is a must buy. The “more so” comes into play as regards gamers who may have bypassed these games in the past, considering them more beer and pretzels or generic mainstream strategy fare. PC2 has added just enough modifications to push the realism level into the wargaming proper category, giving a distinct WWII feel without sacrificing the elegant simplicity that made its ancestors famous.

Panzer Corps 2 is available for $59.99 from either Steam, or direct from Slitherine’s web-store (where you get a free steam key anyway).

Panzer Corps 2 Review

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