Raiders of the North Sea Review

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Raiders of the North Sea Review

Released 30 Jul 2019

Developer: Dire Wolf Digital
Genre: Boardgame
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Raiders of the North Sea is the digital adaptation of a board game of the same name where you and up to three others play as Norse war-chiefs at the height of the Viking age. You've got to gather your provisions, recruit a crew of battle-hardened warriors and sail out into the world, raiding as many harbours, strongholds and settlements that you can find. It is a Euro-style victory point game, so the person with the most points at the end wins although there are multiple routes to victory.

The core game mechanic is Worker Placement, although each player only has one worker that they place to the board to do an action. They then must pick up another piece from somewhere else on the board to do a second action, meaning that every player will always have one piece in hand for their turn. There are pieces of different colours you can gain as the game progresses, and actions can have variable results depending on the colour of the piece used. It is a mechanically simple game with a lot of nuance and depth, and also a lot of pieces so it's especially suited for a digital adaptation where a lot is offloaded onto software, including 'bits' management.

The digital adaptation of Raiders of the North Sea was created by Dire Wolf Digital, and they've done an excellent job creating the game on PC and Mobile. Garphill Games, the creators of the North Sea Trilogy (of which Raiders is the second entry) hired a fantastic artist to bring the game world to life, and this has been carried through to the digital version. Animation has been added to give everything that extra touch, and modest use of 3D animations have enhanced the look and feel of the board as you move your pieces around and raid areas on the board.

The game is available on mobile platforms, Steam and Nintendo switch with live and/or asynchronous multiplayer that's cross-platform compatible between all version. The only downside at the moment is that there's no pass-and-play mode for local multiplayer, but there is a robust AI and a solitaire campaign of ten special scenarios to work through that help you mater various aspects of the game.

For our full review (based on the mobile version running on an iPad Pro), please head on over to our sister website Pocket Tactics.

Raiders of the North Sea Review

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